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Samer Zoabi

Civil Engineer, graduate of Technion, is well-versed in civil engineering as his core field. He chose to specialize in road engineering, and in addition to transportation and construction studies, he underwent training in quality control and received additional professional training from the Israeli Standards Institute. Besides being a civil engineer, Samir Zaabi has been accredited as a senior editor in quality assessments and also as an assessor on behalf of the Israeli Institute. To become a top-tier civil engineer, Samir Zaabi has also completed numerous professional training courses, starting with real estate training from Bar Ilan University and continuing with a quality control training course. Today, he holds a certification in Systems Management and Quality Control. The nature and professionalism of a civil engineer are defined by their professional experience, and Samir Zaabi is a civil engineer with extensive and exceptional professional experience due to a wide range of projects and work he has undertaken throughout his years of employment.
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